31 Bits Open House :: Anounced!!!

As a small business owner, it is hard to organize big events for a non profit organization or other important causes. It’s just hard in general as a one woman team. So I’ve been aching to do something great on a BIG scale and an amazing opportunity presented itself about a month ago.

A lot of you have heard about 31 Bits because I have mentioned it here on the blog before. I have been buying jewelry for myself and as gifts to others but I’ve been wanting to support the amazing women of Uganda and the amazing women out in California that started this company all on their own for quite some time.

So with that being said, I am hosting a party.  Not just any party, but a huge 31 Bits holiday party!!!! (With the help of some other amazing vendors). It’s time that Goshen, Indiana learned about 31 Bits and it’s time that my small little Wedding Photography business made a difference for someone all the way across the world!

So here are the details:

On December 2nd (Goshen First Friday), The Gift of Gab in downtown Goshen will be packed full of tons of 31 Bits available for purchase! So this is your chance to see the jewelry up close and personal! The jewelry will make perfect gifts for all the women in your life (and you can totally just buy some for yourself because it is all gorgeous, handmade, and made 100% out of recycled paper)! Amazing right! And just in time for Christmas!!!

One Ugandan designer will be featured at the open house and everyone who comes gets the chance to write encouraging notes to her! And she will get them all in the mail! How amazing and how special that will be for her! There will also be a photobooth set up so we can send her pictures of us wearing the jewelry! AH! It’s all so great, I can hardly stand it!!!

Here is the even more exciting part!!!

If you purchase a piece of 31 Bits that night, you get 31% off your purchase from the Gift of Gab!!!

ALSO, for every piece of jewelry you purchase, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE ONE HOUR SESSION by yours truly! (Amongst other drawings for gift baskets and other goodies)

That’s right, beautiful jewelry for a beautiful cause AND the chance to win some amazing prizes!

So the invitations are below and if you are in Goshen…please please come out and bring tons of friends! I know it will be tons of fun! I can’t wait!

Fee free to check out 31 Bits website by clicking here. You can see how beautiful their jewelry is and I know it will pump you up for this one-of-a-kind holiday party!

See you there!

Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you would like to show your support by handing out invites to your friends and family! I can send you some copies! Now go spread the word!

31 Bits Giveaway

31 Bits Giveaway

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