Las Vegas 2013

If you read my last blog post, I’ve had quite the adventures in March. This post is part 2 of my stellar vacation, the first half was in San Diego and this half was in the city that literally never sleeps. Las Vegas isn’t my favorite city…but as soon as I drive 30 minutes away from the lights…it becomes one of my favorite places on earth. The desert is a magical place. And the fact that thousands of photographers are gathering in the city at the same time for the WPPI conference makes it one big photography party. This was my second time visiting the exact same dirt and cacti filled oasis and I love it…oh I love it. Abbey, Lindsey, Brandon, and I tromped around the desert for 2 of the 4 days we were in the city and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Thank you Vegas…for having the desert so close by…it makes 4 photographers very happy :) Here are my favorite memories: GIANT margarita filled cups, Polaroids in the desert, my first and last time gambling, Lazers and Blazers (hundreds of photographers getting down on the dance floor), Jesse getting stuck in the net, I was a part of my first Harlem shake video, pizza in bed, poolside lounging, and meeting and catching up with so many amazing photographers. I will never forget any of it.

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carly - These images are gorgeous… Let’s grind on each other every year, k?
“You are my new favorite person!” <– Made my night. ;)

Kristyn Hall - awesome awesome awesome!

Abbey Moore - DUDE. these are the best ever.

Jesse David Green - Me + Net = Love.

Ashley Swartzendruber - dude…unforgettable…unforgettable.

Ashley Swartzendruber - Oh my goodness, yes please! And oh my word, I forgot I said that! I totally meant it though :) xoxo

Amanda VanVels - wowowowowow. so great!

San Diego

Here I am, in my office, underneath a blanket dreaming of the warm rays of sunshine that I experienced during my time in San Diego a few weeks ago. This trip was a whirlwind of sites, and colors, and experiences and I only have happy memories. The point of traveling to San Diego was to visit my dear friends Rachel and Rico, they are rad photographers based out of San Diego that I had the pleasure of meeting in Vegas last year. They took our pictures in the desert and became fast friends with Jordan and I and oh boy do I wish they lived closer. They graciously took me and my travel buddy, Abbey, in for five days and helped us to experience all that San Diego has to offer…believe me…if I didn’t love my clients and family here in the Midwest so much, I wouldn’t mind packing up a car and moving there ASAP! It’s probably one of my new favorite cities, and the people I met there definitely contributed to that. But I am going to stop talking now and let the photos speak for themselves. Rachel and Rico…thanks for being amazing friends and thank you for letting me experience your amazing city, no wonder you love it so much. I will end with these words and memories: Acai bowls, day drinking, long walks, the warmest sunshine I’ve ever experienced, the best food I’ve ever tasted, Lou is the coolest dog ever and Weenie is my new favorite cat, late night craft parties, food trucks, Ocean Beach, Sunset cliffs, succulent heaven, dinner under lights, the best vegan cheese dip on the planet, pour over coffee, Pho, The Cream Event, dance parties, confetti, laughter, and oh man…I can’t wait for the next visit :)

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Abbey - Love! So much!!!! Xoxo

Rog - Radical badical. Sorry I couldn’t have joined!

Andrea Giuliana - Beautiful!!

Kristyn Hall - cali has gripped my heart in every way possible. can’t WAIT to visit there someday. awesome photos, ash!

Amanda VanVels - so so good!

Sarah and Mark // Engaged

I am back from my AMAZING trip to the West Coast and I have been dying to post the engagement photos of these two lovebirds! Don’t you worry, I will post pictures of my trip as well. It was…amazing…to say the least. California burritos, sunset cliffs, sunshine, the desert, lots lots of photos, and amazing new friends. But I will save all that for a later time. For now…I leave you with Sarah and Mark. Seriously…these two could not be any cuter. They wouldn’t stop giggling and their love for each other is very evident. To say I’m excited to shoot their Michigan wedding later this year is an understatement. They also just both completed a full marathon…yeah, my clients are hard core. Here are my new hard core, super in love, amazingly beautiful new friends….Sarah and Mark.


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whitney philipps yoder - adore these lovebirds! great job ashley. :)

sarah cusson - holy love. these two must be the happiest couple on earth. sooo beautiful!

Kristyn - holy moly, these are probably some of the CUTEST engagement photos ever. such joy from these two!