Michael and Liz // Seattle Washington Wedding


I am currently sipping on some warm coffee with a blanket on and a space heater blowing right on me…and I heard through the rumor mill that snow might have fallen early this morning! What! I am not ready for that…but I am so ready to keep sharing with you the last few weddings of this season. I can’t believe I only have one left to shoot next month and then I am officially in the off-season. That seems so unreal to me…this wedding season has been such a whirlwind of amazing couples and amazing stories, I can’t wait to finally reflect on all the joyous things that happened but I’ve got to keep experiencing the rest first :)

To start off the next month of amazing stories to share…Michael and Liz are up first. Dear Michael and Liz…thank you so much for being amazing friends and thank you so much for flying us out to Seattle to shoot your wedding. It was such an honor to be next to you all day as the most amazing memories unfolded.

For Michael and Liz…the prospect of rain didn’t phase them. With a quick last minute decision to go shoot inside a greenhouse, magic was still made regardless of the weather. We could have shot inside a dumpster and these two would have been as happy as can be. Because you see…they were getting married that day, and at the end of the day the memories mattered most. Their guests gathered tightly and warmly around them as they said their vows mattered more than their original plan for the ceremony. The community of people around them from all the different stages of their lives mattered most. Their new marriage mattered most.

Michael and Liz. You know whats up. You know what matters…and I am so honored to have captured what matters most to you both. Thank you for bringing Jordan and I along for the ride. I can’t wait to see how many more lives you impact with your caring and loving spirits. Michael and Liz…this is only the beginning.

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Alli Stiffney - ohhh my goodness! So many favorites! Michael smiling looking at Liz during the ceremony. Love. The thumbs up picture post ceremony. Love. Every green house picture. Love. Great job, Ash and Jordan!! I remember you saying that it was tricky to take pics in the boat during the ceremony and to move around people to get the shots, but the ceremony pics are awesome. High five to you! Love you.

carly - You did Seattle proud, lady! :D

Gail Schrock Neumann - Beautiful. Thanks Ashley.

Kathy Rickabaugh - beautiful wedding, thanks for sharing, Liz looks so happy and in love, I’m happy for you all.

Cristina and Evan // Wedding


Hey friends! Wedding season is officially winding down and I am currently under a blanket in my office with a space heater blowing on me. That’s right, summer has officially whisked by me again. But I am excited for what this winter brings! New and exciting business plans, lots of time to paint and redecorate the house, plenty of cuddle time with our number one cat, sweet new upgrades to our photobooth, and emails and meetings with new and amazing couples for 2014! I am super stoked!  But before I start curling up on the couch with some warm drinks and a book, I’ve got plenty of weddings to share with you first! Cristina and Evan had an amazing day last month! It was filled to the brim with happy smiles and amazing moments and I am excited to share it with you! Also, a shout out to Adina for shooting with me this day. Her photos are mixed in below! Enjoy everyone…Cristina and Evan are the bomb!


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Amie Bailey - they are truly a beautiful couple! and the pictures are just perfect!!

Marilyn Miller - Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures.

Sarah + Mark // Michigan Wedding


My oh my…here I am sitting at the computer again editing for hours and trying desperately to get through my inbox! I’ve been out of the office for 2 weeks on two amazing trips and my heart is so full, but oh how I long to be walking the streets of Haiti again or to be back in Seattle eating the best sushi of my life. Either way, I am happy to be home and I am excited to share some of the amazing stories that have taken place lately!

Sarah and Mark….your love for life is contagious. Your love for each other is incredible. And you are the kind of people I would love to party with every night. Sarah and Mark’s day was nothing short of perfect and I loved stepping into their story for a day…not to mention, Sarah has secretly married spider man. That in itself makes this story a good one :)


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