Sonia and Mighel // Chicago Engagement Session

My lovely friends! It is Monday and I am feeling totally refreshed after an amazing day by the pool yesterday, an AMAZING wedding on Saturday, and even more friend time the night before! Feeling super blessed and feeling super stoked to show you this engagement session! Sonia and Mighel are so adorable it hurts. They live in Chicago and I jumped on the chance to have some new scenery for their epic love session! We drank milkshakes, got parking tickets, drove around the city, explored, ran through the rain,  and parked in weird places only to jump out of the car for a beautiful Chicago skyline as our backdrop. It was such a fun time getting to know these two and their love. And boy do they love each other. For the first half of the shoot, we ran through the rain to the Lightology building downtown and took full advantage of their AMAZING showroom. Seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever been! Then the sun came out just in time for us to create magic on their roof top garden and in other parts of the city. We made magic indeed. Sonia and Mighel, thank you for showing me around your home and I can’t wait for your big day later this year. Enjoy folks!

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Sonia Mathew - Love the pictures Ashley Swartzendruber! Such great work and I can’t wait for our big day!

Yamani Hernandez - aww!

Jill Bass - I love that you both are cracking up in almost every photo! just beautiful. so happy for you.

Janeen Lee - Love Love Love Love!

Sharonda Talley Kimbrough - I am so excited and happy for both of you! I wish you many great surprises and blessings……..

Keisha Mathew - Way to represent Chicago & Blindian Love!

Sheila Dequier-Morgan - Beautiful and Blessings!

Michael and Liz // Engagement

Michael and Liz…good gracious. I’ve known Michael since college, he has always been one of those people that lights up a room. He’s witty, caring, selfless…and I knew that he would some day have a super special girl to fall in love with. And oh dear Liz, I’ve only spent a few hours with you so far…and you are far beyond special. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met and you and Michael are perfect for each other…absolutely perfect.

Your love for each other inspires me. I got lost in your love at this shoot…I’m not even kidding. I would stare in awe of them…sometimes forgetting that I needed to take more pictures. Their love giggles. Their love hugs….a lot. Their love is so natural that you can’t even question that they were meant to be together. That is an amazing love. Michael and Liz…I am honored to know you. I am even more honored to have captured this part of your lives and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to capture your wedding day in Seattle later this year. I can’t wait to stare in awe of your inspiring love in front of all the people that have loved you for years and years. Can’t wait.

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Wendy Allen Sakoda - Congratulations Liz & Michael! So happy for you!

Gail Schrock Neumann - Those are beautiful Ashley Thank you..

Diana Salibi - Beautiful pictures!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Jackie Daniel - Beautiful pictures. You make a sweet couple.

Michelle DuBois - Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!

Tina Andes - Looks like a happy couple with a wonderful future together!

Joe Andes

Donna Grohsmeyer - Adorable!

Vicki Boone - Love these!!! :)

Lauren Eash Hershberger - So awesome! You captured it well :)

Alli Jae Stiffney - These are so good! What a lovely and fun couple :) Good job, Ashley Swartzendruber!

Judy Billings - So beautiful – truly captures what love looks like!!

Heather and Brian // Wedding

My oh my has it been a crazy few days! It’s kind of crazy how busy Jordan and I are right now…but life is good. We just had a stellar weekend celebrating the holiday with friends and family. Lots of grilling, lots of fireworks, bike rides…mmmhhhhmm. That’s what I’m talking about! But my mini vacation is over and I am back to work! I just finished up this stellar wedding today and have been dying to show you! Heather and Brian are the bomb dot com. They trusted me with every aspect of their day and wholeheartedly became people that I like to call “friends.” Friends that are so in love that you can’t help smiling every time you see them look at each other. When a couple as in love as these two looks at each other…the world can stop and even if it’s for an instant, nothing else matters. That’s what matters. And I’m so glad that I could capture those moments for these two. Heather and Brian, thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being in love. And thank you for choosing me, I can’t wait to hang out again! Enjoy everyone!

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Angela Dillon - Absolutely Stunning! I love you both so much xoxo.

Nancy O'Connor Long - What a beautiful couple…

Carol Oberdorf Knight - What an awesome collage of your beautiful wedding! Love to you both and may you have many loving and happy years together!

Ronna Long Onufrak - beautiful like her Mom!

Dana Imes - OMG! These pictures are gorgeous!!! Although it only show a small portion of your True beauty… You look so much like your mom!!! Looking at these pictures its obvious that you are both truely inlove…Although Bryan and I saw that this weekend when you came to see us…So glad you came by…we wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Love,Bryan Dana Josh Shelby and sophietoo!

Lorrie Miller - beautiful Hope you two have many many happy blitzful years as the day you both gave yourself to each other together……….. you can see the love in all the pictures…….be happy and enjoy each other.

Karyl Ryder Gee - Heather you and Brian are so in love – it’s quite obvious and I could not be happier for you both! You look gorgeous! I love you!

linda - Awesome pictures. You can see the love in all the pictures. Wishing you a life of happiness.

April - Heather I can’t believe how much you look like your mother. These pictures are so stunningly beautiful. You were a gorgeous bride and you looked so happy. I am so happy for you both!!! Congrats!!!

Kiersten Schulte Miller - OM freaking G! Great job Ashley! These are stunning! Heather and Brian, I am truly honored to have been part of your special day. I love you both so much, and wish you many, many happy years filled with love, joy and laughter!